Attendance and Assessment

Providing complete, reliable and accurate web based reporting of Student Attendance and Assessment!

Institutions are increasingly required to better track and manage student attendance and assessment both from a regulatory viewpoint and from a student service perspective. Tracking and understanding your student engagement is critical and can deliver valuable information that will help an institution service the student better.

Allocate Plus provides web-enabled, easy to use and functionally rich attendance and assessment collecting and reporting capabilities through the optional “Attendance and Assessment” module. This takes the hard work usually associated with the collection and collation of this important information and provides ongoing reporting and tracking of key indicators for management planning and compliance purposes.

Allocate Plus is the one system in an institution that collates at the “class” level the following information critical to successful attendance collection:

The full class timetable, including weeks taught
The students that are to attend that specific class
The staff member assigned to that class
The subject coordinator for that unit of study
The changes to student enrolment and class schedule

Allocate Plus knows who is to collect attendance, when they are to collect it, and what they need to collect. This is all provided within the same system and screens that staff already use to view and generate their class list and personal schedule.

Compliant Reporting

Reporting of attendance is of paramount importance in the attendance and assessment process to ensure compliance and student quality service. Allocate Plus provides a rich series of reports that can be run at any time to track and analyse the student attendance and absence profiles and the rate of collection and compliance of staff during the collection process.

Included are:

Complete attendance for a student
Current and projected attendance targets, with exception alerts
Reporting accuracy of staff collection
Student absence and at risk student detection
Course and visa compliance reporting