Allocate Plus is a class allocation and management system designed to meet the challenge of an institution’s class allocation needs.

Combining a generic class allocation methodology with the power of the web, Allocate Plus provides a user centric, resource friendly solution to class allocation.

Internet based
Students and administrators can access the system from home or overseas; wherever they have internet access.

Client centric
Students enter and maintain their own data. No paper required. Service is available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Resource friendly
Modify the system to arrange students around your available resources or add resources to popular times. The choice is yours!

Clash free
Prevent students from creating clashes in their timetables, while allowing flexibility for appropriate staff to override where clashes might be acceptable.

Automated data transfer
Allocate Plus may be customised to allow data transfer from your in-house student management and resource scheduling systems.

Information at your fingertips
Obtain up to the minute statistics on the class allocation process. Then use this information to streamline your class allocation and resource distribution.