Allocate Plus is a complete solution that is flexible enough to deal with almost any best practice class allocation requirement, out of the box. Utilising our rapid deployment option, your implementation can be planned and Allocate Plus installed and operational within a week. To this end, we offer the following services:

All implementations of Allocate Plus require an initial business analysis effort to plan the use and deployment of the system. Our consultants will visit your site, discuss your requirements and then offer a documented solution and implementation plan. This would typically take 2-3 days.

This is the planning and execution of the installation, configuration and testing of your Allocate Plus implementation. This would normally be carried out in conjunction with local technical staff. The process is designed to ease you into your first implementation and then pass on total control to local staff.

Even though we go to great pains to provide the most complete product possible, there are some cases where we the local complexities of allocation require some further customisation of the core Allocate Plus product. We are happy to quote such changes at a fixed price and will normally roll such changes into the core product so that they may be supported under existing arrangements.

The base level support provides 24 hour turn around on bug fixes, product upgrades and support and advice for the local system administrator. Further support such as remote monitoring, preventative maintenance and system health checks may also be provided under extended agreements.

Allocate Plus can supply or lease a complete hardware and software "black box" solution to suit your implementation requirements.

Who better to manage your application locally than the vendors themselves? We are able to provide a fully outsourced implementation service where we work with local staff to plan and execute all the internal processes required to support your application, students and staff.

Training requirements for Allocate Plus are light and can be mostly carried out internally. At a minimum, we require the System Administrator to have one days training, carried out by Allocate Plus staff. From there on, we encourage a "train the trainer" format. We can however arrange group training for other users (Faculty (3 hours), Group(1 hour) and Subject (1 hour)).