Allowing students to access their Allocate Plus timetable from any mobile device!


Demand from students for institutions to provide services via mobile platforms is increasing at a steady rate. Your students are organising more and more of their lives from their mobile device and providing such services is a distinct competitive advantage. Allocate Plus is ready to meet this challenge here and now with the Allocate Plus Mobile timetable platform. Your students can benefit by choosing between the rich desktop version of Allocate Plus for major planning, and switch to Allocate Plus Mobile when they are on the move and throughout the year.

Allocate Plus Mobile is a logical extension to the best-of-breed student personal timetabling application and is one of the many ways to publish personalised timetables to students. Allocate Plus Mobile is phase one in our pathway towards developing the best mobile student timetabling solution in the world.

We can offer a mobile delivered web experience, or a full institute branded application in the Application Store of your choice. The application components can even be integrated into your own institutions mobile portal if required.


Students can view AND CHANGE their entire timetable and enrolment
Students can set preferences for their classes
Students can filter and view for today and any week
The unique scrollable timetable allows a unidirectional scroll view and zoom
Works out of the box with an existing Allocate Plus implementation
No need for additional hardware
Simple implementation pathway
Fast deployment
Implements leading-edge mobile development platform
Supports the major mobile platforms, iPhone, Android and windows mobile
Ready NOW!